DOT 3 Super Heavy Duty Brake Fluid


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Granitize Super Heavy Duty DOT 3 brake fluid provides high temperature braking performance exceeding DOT 3 specifications.

Granitize DOT 3 features a low moisture absorption formulation that reduces the tendency of brake fluid to absorb atmospheric moisture during severe use. Moisture contaminated brake fluid is a major factor in brake system degradation and loss of performance.    

Granitize DOT 3 brake fluid:

  • Dry boiling point exceeds 400F
  • Wet boing point exceeds 284F
  • Meets SAE-J-1703, ISO 4925
  • Safe for all brake systems and components 
  • Recommended for all applications specifying a DOT 3 brake fluid. 
  • Available in 32 and 64 oz sizes. 
Tuesday, June 30, 2015
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