Who We Are

The roots of Granitize Products, Inc. began 89 years ago in 1930 in California manufacturing premier waxes and polishes for professional use. As a family owned business with a commitment to consistent quality, superior service, and research development, these qualities were soon recognized by the customers. In response to customer demand we expanded the number of products manufactured and expanded their distribution on a world-wide basis.

The Granitize Family of Products now offers a broad range of automotive and industrial products including exterior appearance protection, engine additives, mold release products, products for the kitchen and bath industries, marine, and RV industries. Many of these products are distributed through our division, TR Industries, and can be found in various retail including Lowes, Home Depot, Camping World, Big Lots, Wal-Mart, and Ace Hardware.

We have expanded our services to the automotive industry. We provide training to service advisors, technicians, and parts department personnel to assist with service menus and promotions to increase efficiency and profit.

Being a family owned business, members of the family have created companies such as Ultimar, Inc. that specialize in surface care protection for application in the automotive, aviation, motorcycle, recreational vehicle, marine, and off-road vehicle markets.

The Granitize Family of Products, with 89 years of experience and a continued commitment to quality, superior service, and technological development, remains a leader in providing customer satisfaction.

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